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Chicago, IL (July 2016)

Chicago - July 2016

Photos taken July 14-21, 2016 — My first return visit to my old Hometown.

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Frank Lloyd Wright: Robie House

Robie House was originally designed as a private residence and is now part of the campus of The University of Chicago in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. On October 20, 2013, it was one of the sites open

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Frank Lloyd Wright: Racine, WI

Wright designed the Administration Building and the Tower seen here.   Of course, he also designed the furniture. An example is shown here.     Since they give free tours, their logo and photos of their flag and famous products.

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Frank Lloyd Wright: Oak Park, IL

May 31, 2009 Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings in Oak Park, IL

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ASD’s Old Home Town: Chicago


Photos from around and above Chicago. Now updated with new photos from 2016.

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